Q. Does the birthday girl included in the head count? A.Yes, she is included. Q.Do you decorate the space?
A.Yes , we decorate and supply decorations  according to the birthday party theme .
Q.Can we add items to the gift bag? A.Yes, you may bring items the day of the party or a week before to add in the gift bags . We provide bags and 3 spa items for each guest.Due to allergy reasons, we never include candy , however you may bring candies and we will added to the gift bags for you. Q.Can we bring a cake?
A. Yes , cake or any sweets are ok to bring . Please notify us in advanced  that way we can prepare cutlery and displays . *cupcakes are provide with package. Q.Why only 4 Adults can stay during the party ? A.We have a small waiting area and would like to ensure comfortably  for our guests and staff. There’re many restaurants and shops near by for adults or family members who may want to wait around the area . Q. Are boys allowed ?
A.we don’t exclude boys if they are willing to participate .They must be part of the head count.